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Dr I Pallikaris, Greece.
(Father of refractive surgery)

"The scattergram for the predictability results in my clinical investigation series has a very tight profile. Even for eyes at the upper range of the corrections attempted. Overall, 86% of eyes were within 0.50 D of intended refraction at one month, and at three months, that outcome was achieved in 98% of eyes. Under the study of high myopic cases ranging from -6 to -17 D, post operative results demonstrated no tendency for under correction which is common with some excimer laser treatments".

Dr Raymond Evangelista, Philippines

"The iTrace software allowed me to analyse the wavefront errors of the eye extensively and the ZCAD program allowed me to design the proper treatment for each patient, including determining the degree of corneal Asphericity that is compatible with the refractive correction in topography guided treatments. The laser is also very quiet during treatment and hence it reduces the anxiety of the patient. Refractive patients can be very demanding at times and I believe this laser will be able to live up to those expectations".

Dr Ian Anderson, Australia

"The solid state Refractive laser, Pulzar Z1 with its 213nm wavelength represents very suitable option for customised refractive surgery".

Dr Pratap Desai, India

"I Have operated on more than 400 eyes having all the types of refractive errors including; high myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism. Results are very encouraging; most of the patients end up within +/- 0.5 D with very good uncorrected vision of 6/6 or 6/9. Another great thing about the Pulzar solid state laser is flexibility of doing the procedure. You can start the machine at anytime. Just turn on the machine and its ready for the procedure. Truly a low maintenance machine and high performance machine. Solid state laser is the answer to refractive surgery".

Dr Helmant Patel, India

"Since installing the Pulzar Z1 in September 2006, we have treated more than 200 eyes. We, and more importantly our patients, are highly satisfied with the results over all refractive errors. Something to note about this laser is its low maintenance cost".

Dr Marc Tay, Singapore

"I have had remarkably accurate results using the Pulzar. It is user friendly and is a sturdy and reliable laser".

Dr Gabriel Marin, Columbia

"The results from Pulzar Z1 are well exceeding the FDA benchmarks for refractive surgery".

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