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Laser vision correction is increasingly recognized as an excellent way to correct "refractive disorders," or problems of the eye wherein the cornea is reshaped to focus light properly on the retina. Refractive surgery is an important and growing market, as over half the world's population suffers from refractive disorders.

The current trend in refractive laser surgery is that of 'customised or personalised surgery,' which has a more precise method of diagnosis and delivers a more accurate treatment for each eye.

CV Laser Pty Ltd T/as CustomVisTM has developed the world's most advanced laser for refractive surgery. It is a solid state laser, making it more predictable and reliable. As transistors have replaced valves, so will solid state lasers replace the valves and dangerous gases used in excimer lasers.

The company's flagship product CustomVisTM PulzarTM Z1 was designed specifically for this custom surgery market. The many benefits of the CustomVisTM PULZARTM Z1 solid state refractive laser system have been widely reported in the news, especially in business, scientific and medical press and peer reviewed journals.

The innovation in developing the PulzarTM Z1 laser is now being directed at developing other products. The first of these will be launched shortly.



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