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Commercial Advantages

The Pulzar Z1's superior technical features translate into significant commercial benefits for the ophthalmic surgeon.

Lower running cost.

The Pulzar Z1 has a much lower running cost than the Excimer laser. Solid state technology eliminates the use of toxic gases and the expense associated with having to transport and re-order on an ongoing basis.

Customised Surgery

The Pulzar Z1 offers truly customised surgery to suit the individual case, potentially improving procedure profitability while allowing the treatment of some patients that other clinics turn away. Custom surgery may also benefit a surgeon's "problem patients" who experience little success with conventional lasers.

Faster Treatment time

Pulzar Z1 offers overall faster treatment time, allowing increased per hour patient treatments, the benefits brought about by: simplicity of operation, Windows based software, touch screen operation, instant acquisition by the eye tracker and the ease at which non-surgeon users can ready the device prior to surgery.

Faster Start time

Dramatically reduced warm-up and set-up time of the Pulzar Z1, over excimer lasers, coupled with the ZCADTM custom software can lead to greater patient treatment turnover. The Pulzar Z1 is not limited by fixed gas capacity offering the flexibility and cost effectiveness to treat a number of patients on demand.

Patient Satisfaction

The Pulzar Z1's advanced solid state platform and innovative software have the ability to yield superior clinical results, which can translate into greater customer satisfaction, positive word of mouth and potentially growth in reputation and clients for the clinic.

Advanced Profile

Investing in the Pulzar Z1, represents the vanguard of refractive surgery and a sign of a clinics dedication to the use of better and safer technology to the benefit of client treatment and the clinics profile in the local and world community, and addressing the ophthalmic profession on its merits.

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