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CV Laser Pty Ltd T/as CustomVisTM designs, develops and markets surgical laser vision correction technology to ophthalmologists worldwide. The company has acquired all of the assets of CLVR Pty. Ltd. (Australia) and CustomVis plc (UK) which was founded in Australia in 2001 to address opportunities that were identified in the international laser vision correction industry.


CV Laser Pty Ltd was set up in October 2010 to address a number of problems being experienced in the field of laser vision correction ("LVC"). LVC surgery involves the use of a laser to re-shape the cornea to try to correct visual abnormalities.

Currently, the most common form of LVC surgery utilises excimer (gas) laser technology, which the Directors believe is approaching the end of its product development cycle. This is mainly due to technological limitations including eye tracking technologies, limited gas lifetime, excessive maintenance, slower pulse rates and the larger beam spot sizes of the laser. The PULZAR Z1TM System was designed to address these issues and meet the requirements of effective custom LVC surgery.

CV Laser PULZAR Z1TM system incorporates a solid state laser, solid state scanning integrated with rapid eye tracking devices to track the movement of the patient's eye, and the ability to incorporate data from a variety of diagnostic systems into surgical planning software and the treatment process.

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