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Using the current LVC technology:

  • Approximately 10 percent. of patients require re-treatment;
  • a significant proportion of patients who have been treated could have achieved a better outcome; and
  • Approximately 10 - 15 percent. of patients are not currently suitable for treatment.

As the incidence of common disorders such as myopia and hyperopia is increasing, a growing number of people are now potential candidates for LVC surgery.

CV Laser Pty Ltd has access to LVC markets outside the US and Japan, estimated at £1.2 billion in annual procedures revenue.

In due course the Company intends to secure access to the US LVC market which is currently estimated to represent a further £1.2 billion. Custom surgery is a largely untapped market, currently representing some 15 - 20 percent. or approximately £400 million of the total LVC market.

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