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Disorders of the Eye and Treatment Options:

In perfect vision, the outer surface of the eye (cornea) bends the light onto the lens of the eye, to precisely focus the visual image onto the back of the eye (known as the retina).
Refractive errors occur where the incoming light does not focus precisely on the retina, resulting in a blurred image. Standard refractive disorders include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Your ophthalmologist can best diagnose any problems, and recommend appropriate treatment.


This disorder, also called short-sightedness or near-sightedness, causes impaired distance vision. Quite simply, the eye is too long in relationship to the curvature of the cornea, thus light is improperly focused in front of the retina, leading to blurred vision when looking at objects far away. Laser surgery will 'reshape' the cornea so that it is 'less curved' and the light will focus as in normal vision, on the retina.


This disorder, also called far-sightedness, causes close vision to be impaired, when the eye is too short in relationship to the curvature of the cornea. Light is improperly focused behind the retina, leading to blurred vision for near (and sometimes far) objects. To correct with laser vision surgery, the cornea will be 'reshaped' so that it is 'more curved'.


This disorder is caused by irregularities in the eye, and especially the corneal surface, causing light to focus improperly on the retina, often impairing both near and distance vision. Due to the irregularities on the corneal surface, astigmatism is best corrected with 'custom laser vision surgery'.

Treatment options:

Normally there are two main options - Standard and Customised Surgery.
STANDARD - Standard treatment can be a preferred choice in patients where High Order Aberrations are low.
CUSTOMISED - Customised treatments are mainly two types - Wavefront Based and Topography Based treatments depends on origins on refractive problems and age.

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