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The CustomVisTM PULZAR Z1 laser

Why choose the CustomVisTM PULZAR Z1 laser?

As a patient, you should consult with your doctor about which treatment in general, and which laser in specific, best meets the needs to improve your eye sight. The PULZARTM Z1 laser is different from most other lasers, because it is a 'solid state' laser, whereas other lasers are 'excimer' or toxic-gas based lasers. Solid state lasers have more predictable and stable laser beams for surgery, and can also track the eye at faster speeds compared with older 'excimer' technologies. For patients with significant visual disorders, such as irregular astigmatism, this system may offer many advantages over conventional lasers. Also, recent research suggests that PULZARTM Z1 may also be a more precise treatment for conventional myopia. This research is attached in the Scientific Marketing section of this web site.

How safe is the CustomVisTM PULZAR Z1 Laser?

Patients can be assured that the CustomVisTM PULZARTM Z1 carries the highest approvals from regulators and safety testing laboratories. These approvals include CE Mark, for Europe, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Approval for Australia, and global certifications for medical device safety from Testing and Certification Australia and the International Standards Organization. CustomVisTM also conducts clinical trials periodically, and these trials carry additional certifications such as human ethics committee approvals at the surgical centres, as well as any other necessary laser safety or patient safety assurances.

The CustomVisTM PULZARTM Z1 laser and other lasers

The PULZARTM Z1 system is well equipped to perform high standard custom corneal surgery on patients with standard refractive disorders (eg. myopia) and more significant refractive disorders causing visual loss (treatment and re-treatment for irregular astigmatism). The three major differences in the CustomVisTM system involve advances in (a) very fast eye tracking, (b) integration of more diagnostic data from 'wavefront' and 'topography' diagnostic devices, with new computer aided design software to 'model' the surgery more effectively, and (c) a very reliable and highly accurate 'solid state' laser. Most other lasers are based on older, toxic-gas based mechanical technologies, which are slower than CustomVisTM.

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