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What to expect

A qualified ophthalmologist will assess the vision and suitability for laser vision correction surgery. The most common "LASIK" or "LASEK" procedure itself takes about 60 seconds or so. On the day of the surgery, done on an out-patient basis, the surgeon will place anesthetic drops into the eyes, to numb the eyes and eliminate pain. Then a thin layer of the corneal surface will be lifted in LASIK surgery, and the underlying cornea will be reshaped with the laser. The previously lifted corneal surface is replaced, and the eye begins to heal naturally. Because the tissue removal is sub-surface, healing time is rapid. After about 24 hours, dramatic vision improvement is common for most patients.

Some surgeons in the world prefers surface treatments - that is named as PRK and LASEK - here after keeping anesthetic drops surgeon will remove surface epithelium and reshape the cornea. Post surgery corneal surface is covered by Contact Lens till the time epithelium gets healed (Around 5-7 Days). Visual recovery is little slow that LASIK but considered a safer option.

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