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Product Specifications

Laser Type: Quintupled Nd:YAG Solid State Laser
Wavelength: 213 nm
Pulse Duration: 10 -12 ns
Pulse Frequency: 300 Hz
Spot Diameter: 0.6 mm
Ablation Zone: Up to 10.0 mm
Beam Delivery: Flying Spot (Fixed Size)
Spot Profile: Gaussian
Max. Laser Output Energy: 1mJ
Eye Trackers: ZTRAKTM Analogue High Speed Eye
Tracker and Video Eye tracker
GAZETRAKTM Intra-Operative Gaze Tracker
Cyclorotation Registration
Surgery: Standard Treatment, Topography & Wavefront Guided
Focussing Beams: 2 x White light slits
Microscope: Leica (Customised)
Screen: Touch Screen
Operating System: Microsoft WindowsTM
Line Voltage: 220-240 VAC (50 Hz) Single Phase
Electrical Power: 2.4kVA (max)
Mechanical Footprint: 1.8m (L) X 1.1m (W) X 1.5m (H)

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